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Format changes

March 29, 2008

You might have noticed some format changes to the Startups Forum.

That’s ’cause we have switched ‘blog providers. When we started the forum, we weren’t quite sure of the exact shape it would take. We wanted a place where entrepreneurs, investors, and coaches could exchange comments and ideas about what’s happening on the Calgary Tech Startup scene. In particular, we wanted the forum to be a collection of resources that’d help take some of the bumps out of the startup road.

Once we had a few posts under our belt, we realize we’d chosen the wrong feature set. We weren’t stressed: this happens all the time … with blog hosts, sales VPs, rottweilers in your apartment, and jeans that don’t really fit … but we needed to make an adjustment.

So we have migrated to a new blogging host. We brought all the old material with us, and we are settled into our new toolset. But part of the consequence of the move is that the authorship of some of our historical posts is a bit less clear. As we moved the old posts over, we re-posted them, but did so from our admin account. Each original author has a properly conspicuous by-line, but the posts all look as though they had come from a single account … the account we used to do the transfer. But from this point on, everything should look good.

Thanks, BTW, to CTI’s Jesse Hollis. He engineered the entire move, and executed the whole thing without a single bump. The guy’s massively competent: if it were up to the rest of us, we’d still be figuring out how to log in, and nothing would have happened.

One other thing: the blogging service we’re using is much more powerful, but it’s also pretty popular … which means it’s subject to a lot of blogspam and cross-postings. We’ll do our best to keep these under control and weed them out. If you post a comment and it doesn’t show up, that’s ’cause we have introduced an editorial approval step that will delay things a bit, but help keep annoying blurbs about Nigerian business opportunities and body-part enhancement out of the way. Or mostly out of the way, anyway.

So, now, on with the forum.