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Roaming Anywhere

March 4, 2008
M2M providers using cellular technology to deploy their solutions in distant geographic markets have met a number of challenges. The choices have traditionally been expensive (pay roaming) or complicated (contract with yet another wireless carrier). Recently, Wyless PLC ( from the UK touted global SIM cards which can extend the reach of one’s monitoring fleet into distant markets with the convenience of one management interface and one invoice. It’s not clear at this point what that level of convenience costs, but this is definitely a sign that global deployment of cellular measurement devices is in demand!What’s next on the horizon? Mobile Satellite Ventures ( is planning the launch of their next generation satellite technology which will provide hybrid cellular-satellite coverage throughout North America. Although not global, this technology is the ultimate–a single IP enabled communicator (least cost routing, fail-over capability) that can be deployed anywhere. Can’t wait till 2010!
November 14, 2007 | Registered CommenterJason Nessler