Telehealth Adoption Could Save $4.2 Billion Annually

Wow…no wonder this sector is getting so much media and investor attention!

Here is the link:

The study examined the overall value of three telehealth technology systems: store-and-forward, real-time video, and a hybrid model that combining the first two. The analysis looks at the cost-benefit of using telehealth technologies in four healthcare settings including:

Reducing emergency department transfers
Reducing transfers from correctional facilities to emergency departments and physician offices
Reducing transfers from nursing home facilities to emergency departments and physician offices
Replacing in-person consults with virtual consults
Reducing redundant and unnecessary laboratory tests

CITL projects the hybrid model to be the most cost-effective system of the three technologies. By reducing face-to-face visits and redundant and unnecessary tests alone, the hybrid system can save $3.61 billion annually. In addition, of the 142 million referral visits in the United States each year, a reduction in patient travel from mileage costs alone could save $912 million. Nationally implemented hybrid systems could save $4.28 billion annually.

November 20, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterkraftdinner

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