Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring and sleep apnea are all too common sleep disorders which carry serious medical and social consequences. It is estimated that 30-60% of the adult population over the age of 30 years suffers from “problematic” snoring, with 4-6% of this population being further complicated by obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA is a serious condition in which patients experience partial or complete cessation of breathing during sleep, which leads to reduced blood oxygen levels, sleep fragmentation, excessive daytime sleepiness, heart disease and depression.

Despite its high prevalence and serious medical and social implications, many problematic snorers and OSA patients will not seek diagnosis and treatment of the condition. It is estimated that 2% of patients will seek advice/treatment through sleep specialists or dentists, with the remaining 98% simply ignoring symptoms or seeking over the counter remedies, which lack clinical efficacy and are generally regarded by the medical community as “snake oil”.

What do you do to treat your snoring or sleep apnea condition?

November 20, 2007 | Registered CommenterNancy Markley

2 Responses to “Snoring and Sleep Apnea”

  1. The Startup Guy Says:


    This must represent a huge market … do we have any idea of the commercial size of it?

    (And I DO snore … :-))

    November 20, 2007 | The Startup Guy

  2. The Startup Guy Says:

    Yes, a very large market, multibillion! There are ~60 million problematic snorers in North America alone. If you consider that only 2% of the sufferers seek treatment through specialists, and on average treatment options prescribed by sleep specialists (custom mandibular devices or CPAP) can cost several hundred to thousands of dollars, the estimated current market is in the single digit billions. However, this multibillion dollar market represents only a small fraction of the total addressable market.

    November 22, 2007 | Nancy Markley

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