Carbon Busting

Good day: So after all this waiting for the first report from the green guy, what he kicks off with is a ‘book report’.. haven’t done that since grade 7.
So here it is. A book report on The Carbon Busters Home Energy Handbook. By Godo Stoyke. See
In this 170 page book the author provides excellent advice on reducing your home’s environmental footprint.
From a company building perspective there is much to learn here.
First off, it is has a focused target audience. His target is the ‘Homeowner’. Whatever your product or service offering is, only one person at a time will buy it. In this case, it is of course a very large audience, but each homeowner is a target. Anyone who says ‘anyone can benefit from my product’ has no audience.
Secondly, the author consolidates information. For a homeowner who wants to reduce his environmental impact there are a multitude of disparate resources available. Websites on composting, energy efficient cars, lawn treatment, you name it, someone has a website. Problem is that there are by far too many. You can waste huge amounts of time going thru them all.
Then for each, Godo provides enough information that a reasonably intelligent person can understand what is important. Cuts to the chase.
Now, why does your customer buy? On the front cover there is a large red button that says “Save $17000 Over 5 years!” HS Batman, now you have my attention. Too many folks in the environmental sector appeal to reducing green house emissions, my personal need to save the planet, and other esoteric reasons why I should spend money. Now here is a guy who says I can slow climate change, and save money. Godo, getting better and better all the time. Then, in a very analytic approach, he outlines the various strategies to reduce, the capital cost, the numbers and my payback period. It is all about the money. While I can challenge some of the approach (ie very little on the discount rate for return), overall the approach is simple, easy to follow, and lets me know how I will save money.
And finally, what is an expert? I spent many years being a consultant in Calgary. Best definition is that an expert is a guy/gal who is one inch wide and a mile deep. You then spend a huge amount of time and treasure to let the world know about the your ‘one inch wide’ expertise. In this case, the author is positioning himself as the one to call when you want to ‘bust carbon’, and save money. From a marketing perspective, an expert is the one who wrote the book. That’s the one that you are going to call. The book positions the expert. Lesser lights may actually have a better program, but who has the credibility?
That’s it for now. Next topic will be the importance of having a ‘bullshit detector’ in your company. Believe it or not, that idea is from the Billy Graham Evangelical Tour (or however you say that in Baptist speak).
November 13, 2007 | Registered CommenterDave MacKillop

One Response to “Carbon Busting”

  1. The Startup Guy Says:

    This looks like a great book. I’ve sent for a copy.

    You can also find it at this link: Amazon.

    Too bad it’s printed on paper. 😉

    November 13, 2007 | The Startup Guy

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