Venture Summit West

The Venture Summit West is coming up in December.This isn’t something most of us would have the chance to attend, but it’s always worth watching. You can learn:
* What businesses are hot
*Who makes the best presentations and what they look like
*Where the trends are
*What investors are looking for what things

If you’re hunting for money, stretching your legs as a startup, or looking to polish your investor-facing image, I suggest you use Google news to follow the happenings in and around this conference.

It’s quite the big deal to attend, but extremely informative to watch, too. As their Web site says:

Venture Summit West is a two-day gathering that highlights the significant economic, political and technology trends impacting the global growth investor. Venture Summit West features the most innovative and influential institutional investors, venture capitalists, investment bankers, research analysts, financial and technology media and corporate buyers in keynote presentations and panel debates.The Venture Summit will also host 14 Best of Breed CEO Showcases hand-picked from the AlwaysOn annual top 100 private company list, and 36 other qualified six-minute CEO pitches from companies seeking later-stage capital or potential acquirers. The Venture Summit¹s goal is to match growth company buyers and sellers and identify the most promising innovation-driven, growth investment opportunities. At the Venture Summit, our editors will also honor the AO Top Dealmakers and the annual AO Industry Analyst All-Star team.

October 31, 2007 | Registered CommenterThe Startup Guy


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