Peer-to-Peer Loans Continue “B&M Breakers” Trend

Those of you who watch “Dragons’ Den” may remember a very clever business scheme where people could trade Canadian dollars for US dollars through the Web at vastly discounted rates.This is just one example of a trend where activities normally thought of as regulated, traditional and “physical-world-based” have been re-cast in Web-based business models that show exceptional promise.Another very conspicuous example of this is “Prosper”, a peer-to-peer lending scheme that has more liquidity than it can possibly use.

Quite a few Alberta companies have caught on to this trend, and are well through the process of re-thinking traditional business models. It’s a bit early to report on some of these yet, but watch this space for more news.

October 31, 2007 | Registered CommenterThe Startup Guy


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